East Bay Family Institute provides individual and family counseling services, Social emotional learning classes, teacher trainings, parent support groups and social skills group to schools communities.  We are an Non Public Agency authorized to provide services to IEP students through the state of California.  We provide reimbursable services to children with special needs.  We provide services in-line with Educational Related Mental Health Services (ERMS) requirements.

We provide services for ESL, socio-economic disadvantaged, Foster care families, and to families with children with special needs.  We can provide service that meets Response to Intervention (RTI) requirements. Our counselors are trained in the nationally recognized, evidence-based approach, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  We strive to recruit staff that reflect the diversity of communities we serve.  We currently serve schools and communities in Sonoma County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and San Francisco County.

Tier 1:  Mindfulness -Based Social and Emotional Support Program

An in-class, neuro-based mindfulness program for grades K thru 12, aimed at increasing social and emotional awareness, teaching conflict resolution skills, and improving executive functioning and emotional regulation skills.  The program utilizes mindful awareness exercises, non-violent communication skills, experiential interpersonal work, games and play.

Tier 2:  Individual Counseling

For children and adolescents needing individualized attention and treatment plan strategies. Utilizing evidence-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Sandplay Therapy, and Gestalt Play Therapy modalities. Includes consultation with parents and teachers. In school counseling programs and sliding scale community counseling for all ages available.

Tier 3:  Social Skills Instruction and Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic groups in a small group setting targeted to children with emotional and behavioral challenges. Groups can be run inside or outdoors. Providing coping and treatment strategies to the teachers and parents of the children.  Integrating ACT and Social Thinking curriculum, along with expressive arts or nature play based social skills group for children.

Tier 1:  Mindful-Based Parenting Support Groups:

These classes are for parents who are wanting to learn positive parenting strategies, receive support and skills for reducing stress, and effectively handle challenging situations in parenting.  Classes are formed upon request.

Tier 1:  Teacher Trainings and Consultation:

Trainings teachers how to integrate mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) tenets into their classrooms. Providing strategies for self care, and a meeting format to build collaboration and group support among the staff.

Tier 1:  Lectures and Presentations

Lectures are offered on a variety of topics including Mindful Parenting, Neuro-based Parenting, The Importance of Play and Nature, The Effectiveness and Challenges of Attacment Parenting.